Hydra By Ambika

Skincare Myths Broken!!!

Myth1: You should choose skincare products based on your age

Many products on the market claim to be designed for a specific age group (especially for those women over 50 who now are supposed to have "mature" skin), but age is NOT a skin type.What’s true is that someone who is 50 can have the same skin concerns and skin type as someone in their 30s. Oily skin and clogged pores don’t just automatically go away when you turn 50 and dry, dull-looking skin can be a problem in your 20s.
Regardless of your age, fighting visible signs of aging should start as early as possible. The ingredients it takes to do that are the same for everyone, and you can’t start too soon. It’s like your diet, what’s healthy for someone in their 30s is healthy for someone in their 60s. So in order to treat your skin you need to choose the effective product and not get into the myth of product according to age.

Under my brand "hydrabyambika", I try to do break this myth as my products work on all age groups just the effect and usage differs. Skin of all ages needs nourishment of one kind or the other and I try to design products with the aim to treat the skin from within without having side effects. Hence, they are all organic and natural.

Myth 2: You shouldn't use moisturizers if you have oily/acne skin

All skin types need moisture. It's a matter of which one you choose. What happens in a case where someone has a oily/acne prone skin is that they over clean the surface of the skin and then don't use any moisturizer. So, what can actually end up happening is that the oil glands get the massage to throw out more oil to compensate for this and you can actually make the skin worse. While it is true that you need to keep the skin clean to keep bacteria at bay, applying a light, quick absorbing moisturizer after cleansing will help bring the 'balance' of the skin back.

With the hydrabyambika's All Purpose Face Cream I am trying to solve this issue. Those who have used it and tried it well, swear by it. The non sticky cream with natural oils help to rejuvenate the skin from within thereby bringing the balance of the skin back.


Myth 3: If you have oily skin you cannot use Face Oils or oil based Serums

If you have an oily skin and you tend to use light lotions to moisturize but still face the issue of getting the oil back. Please think.. this is just a myth. Like I mentioned above. Best way to moisturize the skin is with facial oils. Each of the carrier oils like- sweet almond or apricot kernel oil; and essential oils like- grapeseed, lavender, tea tree have their own benefits when applied on the face. Most important thing is to find which oil and what combinations suit you. For example- grapeseed is light weight and full of anti oxidants, so works great as a pre sunscreen application. Similarly, lavender has a great property of cooling down the skin, refreshing it and easing fine lines; the tea tree oil can actually fight sebum buildup, bacteria, and inflammation.