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Why Moisturise?

Hello all you pretty people. As I say Beautiful Skin is a Commitment not a Miracle, I really follow it all the time. Everyone is born with a lovely skin and heart but how we nurture this gift of nature is completely our call. I get this feedback, query, concern.. whatever you may call it from women especially; using oils or moisturizers on the face might cause breakouts hence we avoid using them. Yet if I consider only my brand; the All Purpose Organic Face Cream, which was our second product in line to be launched three months after Hydra was launched; and not to boast it is a BEST SELLER. You must be thinking that only the people with dry skin must be wanting to use a product like FACE CREAM; but that it really not true.

Let me tell you why - Do you ever realise that if a baby's skin is kept well moisturised and if a child is well fed their skin does not become dry. As we grow our diets change and each person has a different skin type depending on their up-bringing, diet, lifestyle, and ofcorse how much care one takes. A little bit of moisturisation in needed in all seasons irrespective of the skin type. Our skin has a layers of soft tissues under it which are fed by the muscles and the stores in the muscles. As we grow these stores deplete if we do not take a balanced diet the elasticity of the skin reduces. And it shows most on the face as the facial muscles are the most elastic by nature (getting thin or fat for example) is depicted by the face first. However, when these tissues start to dry up due to lack of external moisturisation and lack of oil (in any form) in our diet, the effect comes on skin and it starts to look dry. As this scenario continues, the tissues start to rub against each other, which causes itchiness, and finally causes BREAKOUTS. Facial skin is soft and tissues are tender, therefore the effect comes in this form. Along with this, incase someone who does not have a really dry skin and still gets breakouts then there are other factors- lifestyle, hygiene, products used, touching the face repeatedly, using slight damp cloth to wipe the face rather than a clean and dry cloth/towel, not following the routine of cleansing and moisturising.

This was a very short description of what happens under the skin especially facial skin to lead to breakouts.

Therefore, moisturising your skin (body + Face) is really not a bad idea. Always follow the well known facial care routine- CLEANSING + MOSITURISING. When we wash our face, the pores of the skin open up, and applying a tad bit of moisturisation helps to close these pores and prevents dust or impurities from entering into the skin. Following with a suitable serum is always a good idea, especially night serum which acts as a complete rejuvenator.  

And say hello to a fresh feel skin !!  

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Using the product which are organic or chemical free just makes sure there are no side effects. 

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